We offer an efficient and global technical assistance service to customers during the installation and commissioning of the machines, including the resolution of problems, as well as any future incidents that may arise in order to optimise productivity and reduce downtime in industrial installations. In addition, spare parts and warranty services are included. Both the technical interventions and the availability.

  • The stock of spare parts of both standard parts and expressly designed parts is guaranteed. Both the technical interventions and the availability of parts are practically immediate.
  • Customer inquiries are answered within the first 24 hours and resolved within the first 72 hours.
  • The availability is guaranteed during the first 25 years of any part that is part of the installations of the equipment.
  • Technical assistance in case of maintenance and revision of the equipment is done by our own personnel, possibly thanks to the help of approved local technicians.
  • The 90 percent of spare parts are standardized, that is, they can be provided locally, drastically reducing downtime and intervention, as well as cost.
  • Technical interventions can be programmed to be carried out practically 365 days a year.
  • All equipment is covered by warranty for the first two years of service.