Coffee Roasters

CAPS series roasters are especially designed and manufactured to roast high-quality coffee for capsules and single servings, and for laboratory use.

CAPS Range: Production capacityof 20–80 kg coffee per hour

CAPS series roasters are especially designed and manufactured to roast high-quality coffee for capsules and single servings, and for laboratory use.
This model is a replica of the high-end industrial roasters: the roast and usage profiles of the CAPS series are perfectly compatible. Can be controlled by SCADA systems.
TecCopy torrefaction system: the roaster follows an ideal torrefaction curve, which enables roasting parameters to be reproduced exactly, regardless of the ambient conditions of roaster or product.

  • Stainless steel hopper with a matt finish; automatic product release
  • Unperforated double-walled cylindrical torrefaction drum with air chamber for roasting by convection Absorption for expansion
  • Perforated lower plate to facilitate the flow of hot air
  • Automatic temperature regulation via two sensors situated in front and inside the roaster furnace (double safety)
  • Exhaust interior made of fire-resistant materials: refractory cement, and ceramic fibre protected by layers of stainless steel
  • The collector gathers the skins that peel off during the coffee roasting cycle. Easy access for cleaning Easy access for cleaning
  • Quenching system using steam to replenish moisture before exiting Preserves aroma
  • Connection to a modem that allows remote control

 Roasting capacit
Cycle duration
5–10 kg per cycle10- 20 minutes
TNA-22/CAPS12-22 per cycle10- 20 minutes


Roasters are equipped with SIEMENS or ROCKWELL industrial PCs and colour touch screens. All equipment can be connected to an optional SCADA system and remote control via internet