Coccoa Processing

NIBS Range: Roasts cocoa nibs (chopped cocoa beans)

tostadora nibs cacao

NIBS Range: 1,000–3,000 Kg cocoa nibs per roasting cycle

2,000–6,000 kg cocoa nibs roasted per hour.

  • Capacity of 1,000–3,000 kg cocoa nibs per roasting cycle.
  • Single-chamber roasting drum.
  • 2,000–6,000 kg cocoa nibs roasted per hour.
  • Furnace with electronic progressive gas or diesel burners. Low emissions and 20% reduction in energy costs.
  • Suitable for pre-roast alkalisation.
  • Cyclone to collect solid cocoa particles.
  • Control panel with PLC and SIEMENS/AB HMI.
  • Afterburners with or without catalysts for environmental control.
  • More effective heat transfer; shells not roasted
  • Potential for appropriate alkalisation in the roaster
  • Brief contact between cocoa nibs and shell (contamination)
  • More effective sterilisation

Capacidad por ciclo
Tiempo de tueste
2.000 Kg30- 60 minutos
JCP 3000 NIBS3.000 Kg30- 60 minutos