TecAIRE Locations

Commercial agents

  • Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
  • Manila (Philippines)
  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Kuala Lumpur (Malaisia)
  • Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Tehran (Iran)
  • Dubai (UAE)
  • Cairo (Egypt)
  • Algiers (Algeria)
  • Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
  • Dakar (Senegal)
  • Accra (Ghana)
  • Douala (Cameroon)
  • Mexico City (Mexico)
  • San José (Costa Rica)
  • Bogotá (Colombia)

Based in Terrassa (Barcelona) Spain, TecAIRE is an international European group with a worldwide presence thanks to the internationalisation that it has acquired over the years. At the same time, this global power has been built up thanks to the network of commercial agents we have in 17 countries around the 5 continents.
The 100% of the production of our products are manufactured in Spain, for this purpose we have a 4.000 m2 engineering and manufacturing plant, located 30 km from the international airport of Barcelona and 40 km from the port.
Over 93% of our production is destined for international markets: we have more than 400 installations in 30 countries on 5 continents.
TecAIRE is a leading supplier in some regions such as Southern Europe, Latin America, the Maghreb region and Southeast Asian, where we have a wide network of commercial agents that contribute to expand and branch our international market.
The set-up of the installations and the training of the employees are carried out by our own specialised technicians in order to provide our customers with all the information and optimisation of the complete installations fot coffee, cocoa or drying and grinding processes. In addition, TecAIRE equipment is maintained by our own technicians, possibly accompanied by local technicians.