For over 44 years, the leading international brands have entrusted their facilities to us to produce the best flavours in roasted coffee, cocoa, cereals (sesame, wheat, maize, tiger nut, chicory, barley, date seeds, etc.), and spices (paprika, onion, garlic, …)

We are a European group, so we must abide by the most stringent food industry standards for machinery safety, design and construction, and we understand how to adapt to legislation and climate conditions in any part of the world.

We are involved in the entire production process: from the green bean through to the packaging stage, providing a 360° engineering services including consulting, design, production, installation, maintenance and after-sales.

Currently, over 400 projects in 30 countries use our machinery, which is known to be the most reliable, robust and durable on the market.

At TecAIRE – Neocafé Engineering we are more than just engineering. Since 1978, we have made coffee, cocoa and cereal-related ideas and businesses possible for hundreds of clients globally. We are committed to your ideas, and our creativity, experience and expertise are available for you to achieve the quality you require. Tus ideas son nuestro compromiso, ponemos nuestra creatividad experiencia y conocimiento a tu disposición para conseguir esa calidad que necesitas.

Vision, mission, values

Our clients’ success is our success

We believe that the secret of the best flavours is the result of our technical expertise and the confidence that our clients place in us.
Our mission is to complete projects to the highest standard for large and small companies, and to turn their ideas into reality.
So we work closely with our clients and foster a culture of constant creativity and technological innovation.
We believe that our clients’ success is our success, and that the human touch and social responsibility are as important as technology.








Our Team

The TecAIRE team comprises 40 professionals

The TecAIRE team comprises 40 professionals and an extensive network of local partners and specialists integrated into our global coffee, cocoa and cereal project management.
We have different specialised engineering departments are at our client’s disposal: engineering, programming, R&D, customer service and quality assurance.
La oficina técnica cuenta con ingenieros especializados en ingeniería mecánica, eléctrica y electrónica para el servicio de nuestros clientes. TecAIRE has a purchasing and logistics department that carries out the purchase and management of these for the manufacture of machinery
The production process that takes place in TecAIRE’s facilities for the manufacture of machinery being 100% territorial.
The quality and experience of our team is the best guarantee of product safety and conformity. Our staff understands how to adapt to the legislation, culture and climate conditions in each country.