A large part of the secret of good coffee lies in the experience and imagination of the technical team that manufactures the roasters, mills, silos and other elements of the manufacturing process.
For 44 years, our passion has been to produce for our customers the most robust and durable machines on the market to obtain the natural, roasted or soluble coffee that meets their requirements in terms of quantity, flavour, food safety and environmental management.
We manage your projects from beans to packaging: we have the wide range of roasters, silos and mills of our legendary brand TECAIRE and we complete the packaging processes with our specialised partners.
Both machines and processes are covered by the TecAIRE guarantee.

TTA Series

The TTA Series consists of roasters designed exclusively for roasting caramelised coffee. They have a tumbler with a tilting movement and no perforations in the body to ensure an effective air flow during the roasting process.

Processing and quality

In TecAIRE equipment facilities are complemented with systems for correcting atmospheric emissions and optimizing energy efficiency, as well as the control of the processes that are carried out in these in order to ensure the quality, proper functioning and production of the industrial plants.