TecAIRE – Neocafé Engineering has the capacity to offer complete customized installations for coffee, cocoa and drying and grinding. Studies are carried out according to the needs and specifications of each client.

Coffee installations:

We manage your projects from beans to packaging: we have the wide range of roasters, silos and mills of our legendary brand TECAIRE and we complete the packaging processes with our specialized partners.
Furthermore,the overall quality of the process and its infrastructure is taken care of in order to obtain an optimal, efficient and smooth production process.

Cocoa installations:

We manage your projects from cocoa beans or Cocoa Nibs to packaging: we have the machinery for cleaning and dehulling to storage and dispatch
We combine the TECAIRE brand with other European components to complete the cocoa treatment process from bean to packaging.

Drying and grinding installations:

We have the machinery for the drying of different foods and their grinding process.
Paprika, garlic, onion, etc.