In 1978 the history of what, over the years, would become the TecAIRE at Terrassa (Barcelona) Spain, with the manufacturing of industrial machinery by Jordi Cabré, a great designer with a passion for the industrial processes of coffee and cocoa. This marks the beginning of the TecAIRE history for coffee and cocoa industrial machinery manufacturing, such as roasters for natural and sugar coated coffee, roasters for cocoa beans and nibs and complete industrial coffee and cocoa installations for customers all over the world.

An absolutely pioneering technology modernises industrial coffee roasting processes, especially for sugar coated coffee, in just a few years. The process is transformed from an artisanal and rudimentary method to today’s fully technified and modernised process with the highest quality standards. It is the first in Spain to be 100% designed and manufactured with technology, positioning itself as the great Spanish reference worldwide.

In 2020, TecAIRE has 300 coffee, cocoa and cereal projects in 30 countries around the world. These projects range from individual industrial equipment such as roasters for natural coffee, sugar coated coffee or cocoa; industrial coffee mills to complete plants and industrial plants for coffee, cocoa and spices.

TecAIRE more than just engineering since 1978


TecAIRE group founded in Sabadell (Barcelona)

TecAIRE factory in Sabadell


International journey started in Argentina


Activity extended to the cocoa industry

tecaire cocoa processing


TecAIRE experience used in roasting both cereals (such as sesame, chicory and tiger nuts) and alternative products (oak shavings, etc.)


Breaks into African countries (Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa)


Introduction to Asian markets


First industrial facilities in the Middle East

tecaire processing coffee


TecAIRE is acquired by the European group Neocafé Engineering S.L.TecAIRE is introduced in the development of projects of drying and grinding of spices (paprika, garlic, onion, etc...)


400 projects in 30 countries worldwide