TecAIRE is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, implementing sustainable practices and promoting a positive impact on the community and all our operations. We work to improve employee conditions, minimise environmental impact and support local organisations. We actively contribute to build a better and sustainable future.

As a company in the industrial sector, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility by implementing sustainable practices in all our operations. We also work to improve working conditions, develop efficient and sustainable solutions for the industrial sector. Some of our main actions are:

  • Company committed to the environment.
  • Strict compliance with the legal regulations of each country.
  • TecAIRE equipment respects the strictest food safety standards.
  • TecAIRE adapts to the most demanding environmental regulations.
  • Design and manufacture of industrial machinery that aims to reduce energy consumption.
  • Development of industrial processes with low energy consumption.
  • Integration of the use of clean and renewable energies.
  • Integration of water recycling systems.
  • Care in the quality of life of the workers of our clients with automatic processes and ergonomic machines, safe and easy to use by the workers.
  • We enable the development of local economies by working with regional teams for maintenance work.
  • Training of the staff of our clients sharing the knowledge for the economic development of more than 30 countries.
  • Continuous improvement of contact and follow-up services so that our clients have the best of partners for the development of their businesses.
  • Continuous training of staff to be up to date with the latest trends and technological innovations and allow them an adequate professional development.
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