TecAIRE as a member of AMEC (Asociación de las Empresas Industriales Internacionalizadas) supports the manifesto of the Positive Industry initiative.

AMEC is an entity that brings together the main international industries in Spain, defining itself as a visionary, collaborative, self-governed entity with a powerful lobby activity. AMEC’s value proposition is to internationalise Spanish industry as a key factor for its competitiveness. The pillars of its value proposition are: international markets, competitiveness, collaboration, foresight and lobbying.

At TecAIRE we are firmly committed to the objectives, value proposition and mission of AMEC, committed to constant innovation and improvement in order to provide ideal solutions for our customers. In addition, TecAIRE has shown its support for the Positive Industry initiative promoted by the organisation. Our aim is to contribute to the changes that will make this era as transversal and positive as possible for business, society and the planet.

Committed to AMEC's objectives, value proposition and mission, constantly innovating to provide ideal solutions.

The following text summarises Positive Industry’s manifesto:

We are the Positive Industry

We are Industria Positiva because we love what we do, we care for the team that helps us do it and, beyond being global companies, we act locally with the territories and societies with which we share prosperity.

As companies, we measure ourselves by the quality of what we produce, but also by the social value we bring.

We are working to make the world we have today look more and more like the place where we want to live.

The 5 principles of Positive Industry are:


Act strategically and proactively for the sake of the ecosystem of which we are a part.


Adapt quickly and in the most friendly way to a changing environment.


Collaborate with companies, entities and society when we can contribute to the collective good.


Understand that our action transcends the world: think globally but also act locally.


Ensure sustainability as the only way forward for business, society and the planet.

In reference to the challenge facing the industrial technology sector and the high demands of the food sector TecAIRE seeks to apply these 5 principles of the initiative. Act strategically and proactively within the sector itself, adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment, collaborate with companies and organisations for the collective good and focus industrial processes on sustainability.

Positive Industry Badge at TecAIRE