Genio Roasters is a South African company with more than 10 years of experience in the coffee industry that designs and manufactures coffee roasting equipment.

The partnership allows TecAIRE to get closer to local coffee companies by providing Genio equipment that is adapted to their needs.

TecAIRE has recently reached a collaboration agreement with Genio Roasters as sales agents for its equipment worldwide. The alliance will allow TecAIRE to approach the coffee sector on a national and international level and strengthen its presence in the industry. Offering the Genio range of products will allow TecAIRE to accomplish the objectives and needs of small coffee shops and cafeterias.

TecAIRE cuenta con una de las largest product portfolios in the sector, offering natural coffee roasters, roasters for torrefacto coffee, cocoa bean roasters, cocoa nib roasters, coffee grinders (disc and cylinder), all types of silos and also the possibility of designing complete installations for the production of coffee, cocoa and spices.

Since 2010, Genio Roasters has been offering coffee roasting machines and a wide range of services and products to complement its handcrafted machines. Genio is also an engineering company specialised in the design and manufacture of its coffee roasting equipment. Genio coffee roasters machines have the roasting capacity from 3 kg to 30 kg per cycle, providing up to 120 kg per hour of coffee roasting. These aspects have been the key to the TecAIRE-Genio Roasters collaboration.

Owing to this joint, TecAIRE will be able to expand its range of products for any type of customer, from small to large companies, with its knowledge and experience of more than 44 years in the sector.

If you are interested in purchasing Genio Roasters products you can use our code to get advantages and discounts: GENIO-TecAIRE.

Collaboration between TecAIRE and Genio Roasters

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